Getting Your Police Report From an Accident

Damaged CarThe aftermath of a car accident can be difficult to deal with. Dealing with injuries, medical bills, vehicle damage, and time off work can be overwhelming. Besides getting a lawyer, there is something else you can get that can make your life easier: a police report.

Hopefully, law enforcement arrived at your accident to take down notes. This is called a police report, and it can be very helpful in the aftermath of a car crash. These documents contain details that help us understand what happened and who is at fault.

You do not have to be directly involved in a car crash to obtain a police report. Anyone who has an appropriate interest in the accident is allowed to get a report. This includes:

  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies
  • News media
  • Authorized representatives of those involved
  • A parent or legal guardian of a driver involved in the accident
  • Family members of someone killed in the accident

What is in a Police Report?

A police report includes many details about the accident, such as:

  • Date, time, and place where the accident happened
  • Description of road and weather conditions at the time of the accident
  • Description of the vehicles involved in the accident, including make, model, year, and license plate numbers
  • Names and information of all injured parties and details about their injuries
  • Notes on property damage resulting from the incident
  • The officer’s opinions if speeding, intoxication, or negligence are suspected
  • A diagram of the accident showing road signage, stoplights, and crosswalks
  • Name and badge number of responding officers

Where Do I Get a Police Report?

When you need a police report, you may contact the local law enforcement agency that responded to the accident or get it from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

You can go to the appropriate police department in person, or you can request a report via mail.

Police reports are often available shortly after the accident. You’ll need to have the following information on hand:

  • Date and time of the accident
  • Location of the accident
  • Name of the drivers involved in the accident
  • Police department involved

You can also go online and obtain a police report through the Texas Department of Transportation Crash Report Online Purchase System. Keep in mind that it can take up to 14 days for the report to be available. No matter which method you choose, there is a fee involved. It generally costs $8 to get a certified copy of a police report.

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A police report contains a lot of information that may be useful in your car crash case. Such a document can determine liability as well as outline all the details from the accident, all of which can be important for various entities.

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