Main Causes of Car Accidents in Texas

Pickup truck with crash damageCar crashes are common in all parts of the country. Based on statistics, they are becoming more common in Texas. The fatality rate on Texas roads increased by 4.17% from 2020 to 2021. At least one person died each day in 2021. Hundreds of people were killed that year in head-on accidents and distracted driving crashes. October 22 was the deadliest day in 2021, with 27 people killed in motor vehicle accidents.

Injuries from crashes were also common. In 2021, 19,448 people sustained a serious injury from a car accident.

Learn more about the most dangerous roads in Texas based on the number of fatal car accidents.

Dangerous Roads Around McAllen and Edinburg

Although a car accident can happen anywhere, there are roads that are more dangerous than others. In McAllen, car accidents are most likely to occur on these roads:

  • Business 83. S. 83 runs across downtown McAllen. Thousands of drivers use this road every day, with accidents common in commercial areas.
  • Bicentennial Boulevard. This street has many busy intersections with access to crowded parking lots. The intersection with Nolana Avenue is especially dangerous.
  • Ware Road. This busy road can be dangerous, especially in the south end. Ware Road is used to access slower-traffic neighborhoods.
  • Interstate 2. This highway is used to travel across southern Texas and between the U.S. and Mexico. Many car and truck drivers are careless when on I-2, resulting in serious accidents.

In Edinburg, the most dangerous road is I-69C. This 1.5-mile strip of road averages a whopping 8.05 fatalities per mile. In fact, it is known as the deadliest stretch of road in the entire state of Texas. This stretch of I-69 receives a high volume of traffic daily, as it is north of SH-281 Business. The number of accidents is likely due to merging and lane-changing, as well as having to adjust to variances in speed limits.

What Causes These Accidents?

Some causes of these crashes include the following:

  • Drunk drivers. Approximately 1,000 people are killed every year by intoxicated drivers. Many of these crashes occur at night, on weekends, and during holidays.
  • Distracted driversDrivers often like to multitask, which means they are not fully paying attention to the road. They may use their phones, eat, read, use their radio, or talk to passengers. Many drivers get into accidents when they fail to notice other cars.
  • Teen drivers. Many teens in the McAllen area have been cited for speeding or driving recklessly. Young drivers do not always have the necessary experience to make decisions at a moment’s notice.

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Car accidents are a serious issue in Texas. Drivers need to be aware of other drivers and always stay focused.

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