What Documentation Do You Need to Prove You Were Not at Fault in an Accident?

Two cars driving

After a car accident, there will likely be a lot going through your mind. Am I hurt? Do I need to go to the doctor? How do I get my car fixed?

Your insurance agent may be able to answer many of your questions. Your insurance company will also be determining fault. Texas is an at-fault insurance state, so if you have been in a car accident, the at-fault driver is responsible for paying for all the damages.

To determine fault, the insurance company will review statements made by the police, the doctors, and those involved in the accident. The police report will be very important, especially if someone is guilty of breaking traffic laws before the accident occurred.

Insurance companies will often go to great lengths to avoid paying for an accident. Therefore, the other driver’s insurance company may claim you were the one at fault. You will need evidence to prove you were not liable for the accident. Here is what you can do to prove your case.

Document Everything

Do not rely on your memory after a crash. There is a lot going on, and you may forget important details. Try to write down what you can. Take photos and videos of evidence, such as vehicle damage, other motor vehicles involved, the surrounding area, skid marks, the speed limit sign, and any traffic signals.

Look for Physical Evidence

Car parts and other debris in the road can prove that another driver was at fault.

Gather Bills and Receipts

Bills, receipts, and other documents can show medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, and other expenses involved in the accident.

Obtain Medical Records

Gather medical records showing the injuries you suffered in the accident. You should be able to compare these records to your medical history before the crash to show the severity of the incident.

Get Witness Statements

Witnesses can tell police what they saw and who they think caused the crash based on their testimony. If there were witnesses, be sure to get their contact information.

Get Black Box Data

Many newer vehicles have black boxes, like airplanes. These devices record tons of data, such as details about speed, when you applied your brakes, the force of impact, and more. Semi trucks have black boxes, and your vehicle may as well. The data may be helpful for your case and prove that you were not at fault.

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Car accidents can be scary. You will want to do what you can to prove that you did not cause the crash.

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