What Happens if You Get Bitten By a Dog?

What Happens if You Get Bitten By a Dog

You may not know what will happen if you get bitten by a dog. Our Edinburg dog bite lawyer explains what should happen and the steps to take.

Over 7 million dogs call Texas home. That beats California by nearly 1 million, even though the Lone Star State has 12 million fewer people living here. It is not surprising, then, that dog bites are common in Texas. As common as they are, that does not mean that people know what to do after becoming the victim of a dog bite. This is particularly true when people are suffering from serious injuries such as puncture wounds, infections, and even the potential of permanent scarring and disfigurement.

If you have been bitten by a dog, there are certain steps you should take afterward. Taking certain actions ensures the dog will not hurt anyone else. It will also help strengthen any future civil claim you file.

Identify the Dog and Owner

Unlike many other states, Texas follows a one-bite rule. This means that you can only hold the owner liable if the dog has previously bitten another person or has displayed a history of violence or aggression. To understand whether the dog is dangerous, it is important to identify it so you can research its history, usually with animal control. You must also identify the owner of the dog, so you know who to hold liable for paying damages.

File a Report With the Local Animal Control

The first thing you should do is report the dog bite to yourlocal animal control. In Texas, you are actually required to notify animal control if you believe you may have contracted rabies. Animal control will typically require the dog to be quarantined, often at the owner’s residence. If the attack is particularly vicious or other conditions are met, animal control may order that the dog be confined or put down.

Seek Medical Treatment

All dog bites will result in serious injuries, and it is critical that you seek medical attention for them. Obtaining treatment for your injuries will ensure they do not become any worse and that you start your recovery as soon as possible. Additionally, if you do not see a doctor for your injuries, the insurance company will argue that you were not injured because you did not seek medical treatment. After seeing a doctor, it is also vital that you follow through with all recommended treatments.

Document Your Injuries

You will have to prove the nature and severity of your injuries after a dog bite. To do this, take pictures of them as soon as possible after the bite. Over time, the injuries will heal, so it is helpful to have proof of how severe they were immediately afterward. Also, keep a pain journal that dictates the level of pain you are feeling, as well as how your injuries are impacting your daily life and ability to perform simple tasks.

Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer in Edinburg

If you have been hurt by a dog, it is important to contact a qualifiedEdinburg dog bite lawyer who can evaluate your claim. At the Law Office of Raul A. Guajardo, our attorney can assess your situation and advise you of your legal options. Call us now at 956-318-3200 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more.